laugardagur, 4. september 2004

Hryðjuverkin í Beslan

Að minnsta kosti 322 fórust þegar blóðug endalok urðu á gíslatökunni í gær. Um helmingur hinna látnu voru börn.


The attackers had stormed into the school on Wednesday, forcing everyone into the gym.

The hostages are held in a small gymnasium, more than 1,000 of them crammed into a room not much bigger than a basketball court.

Just before 0900 GMT, emergency workers enter the school to recover the bodies of dead hostages, thought to be about 15.
Minutes later, explosions and gunfire are heard and, at about 0915, a group of hostages of different ages manages to escape.

Special forces storm the school. However, the security cordon is breached by relatives, many of them armed, who mingle with the troops running towards the buildings.
Russian President Vladimir Putin later says the decision to go in was unplanned and taken after the attackers started shooting at children.

As troops move in, half-naked and bloodied children begin running out of the school. Others are carried out by adults.

In the confusion that follows the storming of the school, a group of attackers manages to flee, apparently by mixing in with hostages and relatives flooding the area.
Some of the attackers reportedly head south and take refuge in a nearby house where they are surrounded by special forces and later killed.

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